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Farmer (Rigid) Trailer - 1500mm x 1200mm Load Area


The Farmer (Rigid) is a sturdy ATV trailer with a gross carrying capacity of 750kgs with wheels fitted inside a folded tub to provide a narrow trailer suitable for for grounds with tighter access. The sturdy chassis is fully welded and then hot dipped galvanised to ensure maximum strength, durability and performance. The trailer is fitted with heavy duty Knott sealed bearing stub axles and 22 x 11 knobbly tyres providing a reliable  and robust combination. 


The trailer tub bed and sides are fitted with folded galvanised sheet for a reliable, strong and practical finish. We also offer mesh sides to increase capacity and a jockey wheel to aid coupling and manovering when not attached to a towing vehicle. 


If you would like further information regarding our trailers or to disucss your requirements and preferences, please contact our friendly team who will be happy to advice you. 





Farmer (Rigid) - 1500mm

  • Heavy Duty Construction

    Hot Dipped Galvinsed Protective Coating

    Low Impact Flotation Tyres

    Knott Stub Axles

    Sealed for Life Bearings

    Heavy Duty Steel Chassis

    Folded Steel Sides - Fully Welded

    Galvanised Steel Flooring and Sides

    Removable Rear Gate

    50mm Pressed Steel Coupling


    Excellent Build Quality

    Made in England